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Importing and installation service of aluminum and glass for the fast growing construction and building sector of Ethiopia.


Different types of Coffee, Oil seeds, pulses spices and Gums and vegetable ,and others to supply Quality packing and inspection.


Roofs made of corrugated galvanized steel: a wrought iron–steel sheet was coated with zinc and then roll-formed into corrugated sheets. Another approach is to blend zinc, aluminum, and silicon-coated steel.


More than 10 + years of Experience on Trading and Services.

High Quality

Exceeds the standard on our customers expectation and deliver High quality products and services.


Our company strives to achieving highstandards.all our staffs and managers efforts towards a common goal of meeting our customers demand as well as maintaining satisfactory relation with supplier's


Maintaining high and stable levels of economic growth on all of our business firms.

Awesome Support

Customers are the source of our businessde- velopment. Fully understand the needs of customers, ensure quality, deliver on time, and strictly abide by promis- es. Good after-sales ser- vice is the beginning of sales. We will use our sin- cere service to look for- ward to long-term coop- eration with customers.

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customer count

4800 +

permits processed

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customer satsfaction survey

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